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How to Convey Character’s Personality Through Shape: Triangle Shape (Part 2)

Art in Shoujo style is quite objective, and one image will probably influence how a second image is perceived. And shape is indeed a way of communication. Square shapes tend to be strong, rounded tend to be safe, while angular shapes make us cautious.

In general designers use triangles and pointy shapes in their villain character’s personality.

In Vietnam, the person own triangle shape is intelligent, smart, fast, good at observing and remembering, and great ambition. But his face is usually a bit cold. So does our character, Anthony.

As he has a triangle face shape, his jawline will be wider than his cheekbones and temple area, which are relatively thinner. That is the main reason why we choose a long hairstyles that will balance and conceal the wide and defined jawline.

Here, we want to use shapes to create contrast between the characters. Georges and Anthony are both male protagonists of the story. One person who make us feel safe and calm. The other one make us feel defensive, adventurous.

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