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How to Convey Character’s Personality Through Shape: Square Shape

Hi beautiful people!

Today I want to share some personal opinions when we create the game character in Rosemary Scent.

Knowing how to draw a face and head is key to developing effective characters. When it comes to drawing heads, nothing is set in stone; different characters have vastly different features and different shapes.

The audience should be able to relate to it and “connect” with the personality of that character and that is the most important.

Today let's talk about Square Shape.

According to the Five Elements, face having square shape belongs to the Kim system, representing decisiveness and determination, so the owner is well-behaved. The gentlemen often have more wisdom, honest and have a rich destiny.

These traits perfectly fit the character Georges. In the story he is a talented manager, calm, well-mannered and trusted by everyone.

To be specific, the forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be the same width, but the jaw will have sharp angles to it. The face will be slightly rectangular. With this type of shape, a short, neat hairstyle that can soften the jawline will be the best choice. That's all for today. Part 2 of the topic How to Convey Character's Personality Through Shape will be released next Thursday.

Have a lovely week ahead x

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