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Game Demo Release!

Rosemary Scent started as a small collaboration between young group artists. We are all creatives who want to stretch our limits but also showcase our heritage to the world and just like that Rosemary Scent was born!

Rosemary Scent is a choose-your-own-fate visual novel set in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam with a futuristic twist. In the game you take the role of an intern at leading fashion magazine Ella.

The game is now available for backing on Kickstarter including demo for Android users (iOS version coming soon) so feel free to give it a try, we love to hear your feedback.

Honestly this all still feels so surreal and I'm thrilled for what's to come in the future and I hope you do, too. Please like our fanpage to stay updated and back the game if you enjoy it. Thank you guys!

Kickstarter link:

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