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Background in Rosemary Sent: The Language of Color

As you all know, visual novel is an audio visual game based on narration and illustration. And background illustration is a visual element which is considered as a form of nonverbal communication that carries stories and messages.

There are at least two basic questions that we need to identify:

1. What message do you want to convey to your readers through the background?

2. How to deliver that message?

In most backgrounds, every color speaks a different vibe and carries a different message. That's the reason why our background has its own color palettes. Remember that viewer's emotions also depend largely on a color’s brightness, shade, tint or tone and whether it’s cool or warm toned.

For example: This is a late night-scene in a Vietnamese restaurant, with an elegant, sophisticated interior design combined with traditional traits such as wooden table. The art director, The Okkultist added lotus and bougainvillea for a romantic touch. Using a purple dominantly is a quick way to create a sense of elegance or high-end appeal. A darker shade add more mystery and romantic vibes.

Let's take another example: The dreamy balcony in Rosemary Scent

The color pink represents romantic and feminine. Clearly this scene aim to target female audience. The dusty pink evokes feelings of romance and happiness, combined with a shade of green that brings a calming effect. And when this palette place next to orange honey shade, it gives off a warm, soft feeling.

He also uses color to tell the viewers what time is it- late at night or early in the morning.

Night time could present a slightly blueish- or slightly purplish-brown undertone. This palette evokes a feeling of loneliness, but also subtle and soothing.

A color palette is the first thing people notice when they glance at our artwork. It helps to strengthen the message, and hold the audience better than any string of words.

To learn more about The Okkultist's work:

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